Branding Photography Case Study | Orchestra In My Garden | Linda Brooks

“Your stunning photos are definitely drawing raves and are such a perfect compliment to the essays and music. Sometimes I still marvel at what’s been created here, but I could not have done it alone, and am so grateful to have shared this experience with you and look forward to celebrating its future successes with you as well!”

Linda Brooks 
Author, Singer/Songwriter, Gardening Enthusiast

“You saw into the very soul of this from the beginning, and your incredible talent and caring have elevated the experience and the final product at every turn. Thank you. Xo Linda” 


The lovely Linda Brooks first came into my life in the summer of 2011.  I was in Nova Scotia visiting my parents who were living in the gorgeous town of Digby at the time. 

Linda had a new CD coming out, featuring the well-received holiday song “This Christmas”. We captured Images throughout Halifax, and during the shoot I came to know Linda as the beautiful artist, mother and individual she is.

Our friendship grew over the years, and when I returned to visit my folks who had moved to Bedford Nova Scotia, where Linda lives, we reconnected.

She told me she was working on something very exciting with a botanical theme, though she wanted to save the details for our next visit.

When we met, she told me about the project she was envisioning, a book of essays, photos and songs about her love of gardening, and the major role it’s played within her life.

Nova Scotia had just experienced one of their most severe winters ever, and 8 feet snow banks lined the streets and covered the ground, including the four sizeable gardens that surrounded Linda's house and yard.

Luckily, Linda told me she wanted to capture her garden throughout the various seasons. So we started in the snow. I then returned over the course of four years in the spring, summer and fall and got to experience the thrill of seeing her gardens grow.

One of my favorite days was in October, when Linda had arranged for a grand piano to be delivered to her backyard for the album and book cover photo shoot.

It was a spectacular sight to see Linda at the keys, surrounded by the flowers and in the autumn light.

It was an honor to be involved and watch Linda pour her heart and soul into such an epic project, and I admired her outside the box thinking that would extend her brand as a musician into the realms of book publishing and gardening.

The project truly was unique and such a part of Linda. Watching it blossom and bloom (so to speak) was super inspiring. 

Once the project came to light, Linda was busy with live shows, radio, print and television interviews, and book signings.

I feel grateful that Linda trusted me with capturing her garden, even though I’d never worked on a project like this before. I took a page from Linda, and lessons were learned from digging deep. 

“I’m also booked to perform and sign copies at the TO flagship store and in Halifax, leading up to Mothers Day! So happy after 4 years to finally be able to share this. Could not have done it without you. Oh, and check this out! I was in the store for a site visit on Monday and when I asked if I should bring signage for the upcoming event they pointed me toward this!!!
Pretty darn cool! 😊” 

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