“I realized early on that the one thing I’m good at is being able to capture and bring out the best in people through photographs. When I do this, and the images make a difference in someone’s life, that to me is true success.” MM


Mark Maryanovich FOCUSES on capturing YOUR  unique indivduality.

Jess Wayne 
Photographed in
Ojai, California

“Hi Mark, people’s response to your pictures of me has been overwhelming. I’m now getting 100 to 200 new friend requests a day. And thank you for seeing me with your spirit and not just your camera. I feel like I’ve been taken to a higher plane. Thank you again so much again for the great photos. They are changing my life. Best, Jess”

Mark's images stand out with a distinct quality created by a singular style,

a personalized and enjoyable creative experience 

that effectively communicates the essence of your brand, while fulfilling the constant demand for visual content.

Nikki Paige 
Photographed in
Santa Monica, California

“I have worked with Mark Maryanovich on several artist photo shoots. He is one of the most talented photographers I have worked with in recent years. He is the rare caliber of photographer that can multi-purpose; from publicity shoots to full commercial artist album package shoots. His understanding of market imaging needs / marketing have made him an asset and “first stop” on my call list for image developers.”

Paul Orescan 
Owner, Make Good Marketing and Management

In over 2 decades of experience as a brand photographer, Mark has captured an impressive variety of Artists  

with his
ES-335 Tribute
for commercial Client
Gibson Guitars 

while his portraits have been featured as promotional materials for ROBERT KEITH
of Hoorsenbuhs luxury jewelers on the pages of
Vogue Magazine.

Savannah Lynx 
Photographed in
Beverley Hills, California

“We have had the great fortune to have the talents of Mark Maryanovich on several of our artist photo shoots. His visionary, visceral ideas for each artist have been unique and artistic, with beautiful results. We’ve used his photography for our artist marketing campaigns, album art work, etc. He is a pleasure to work with, with a mild demeanor, and extremely professional with our artists. The result has been amazing photo shoots.”

Larry Frazin 
Owner, Across the Universe Records

Mark has the honor of providing the book cover Images for 

RANDY BACHMAN’s autobiography


and author photo for best selling biographer
Eileen Ford and the Business of Beauty

“My publishers are just delighted with the picture ... Thank you for arranging this so rapidly, and in such a professional and friendly fashion. I am very honored to have your lovely photograph publicizing my work, and I am sure that it will bring my book many blessings. With many thanks,
As ever, Robert Lacey” 

The Filthy Souls 
Photographed in
Los Angeles, California

“I have had a long and notable career in the music business, as a manager, producer and label owner. I established my reputation in the 1990s, I created Trauma Records, and launched the careers of internationally acclaimed bands such as: No Doubt, Bush, The Flys and The Sick Puppies. I’ve mixed tracks for a range of top artists, including Miley Cyrus, Selena Gomez, Vanessa Hudgens and Demi Lovato. I can confidently say, Mark is one of the most exceptional photographers I have ever had the pleasure of working with, his exceptional eye, worth ethic and dedication to his craft is second to none.”

Paul Palmer 
Owner, Drilldown Entertainment

Mark's Images appear as marketing materials for companies such as Sony, Warner and Universal

Mark has been nominated 4 times (twice in the same category in 2012) and has received 2 Canadian Country Music Awards for

Recording  Package
of the Year.

Terraplane Sun 
Photographed in
Los Angeles, California

“I have worked with Mark on several photo shoots with extraordinary results. In my 20+ years of music industry experience including Universal, Disney, EMI, Warner, etc. Mark’s work truly stands out for excellence in artistry, process and delivery. I am grateful to have him as a resource and look forward to future work.” 

Jim Martone 
Owner, Suitable Group

Mark is a Voting Member of The GRAMMY Recording Academy Los Angeles Chapter, and is honored to be selected as a Nominating Committee Member.

Because of his work in the Country Music genre, the esteemed

Annenberg Space for Photography

selected Mark for their exhibition

celebrating the pioneers, poets and icons of country music.

Doc Reinhardt 
Photographed in
New York, New York

“Hi Mark, been meaning to say hello and thank you again. I went through the pictures and there are just so many fantastic shots in there that I don’t know what to do with them! Simply amazing. I really appreciate your expertise and what you do. It’s rare to find someone that is really good at what they do and who cares enough to get such great results. Thank you so much. Best Regards, Doc” 

Mark has been recognized by
the prestigious
Photo Review


Mark has been recognized by
the prestigious
Photo Review Magazine

by the California
art community’s American Icon
Art Competition


by the California art community’s
American Icon Art Competition

and the
Images From
A Glass Eye
International Juried Photography Show

and the
Images From A Glass Eye
International Juried Photography Show

Mark conducted portfolio reviews for The Photography Institute, and the VanArts Media Arts School for Photography, and compiled
10 tips on elements that create professional Images

“Mark Maryanovich has been invited to review portfolios for our students. We sought Mr. Maryanovich’s expertise because he enjoys an elevated reputation as a photographer of tremendous skill and ability. We found that his real world experience as a successful and highly sought after photographer provided our students with a rare opportunity to learn from a master artist. We appreciate Mr. Maryanovich’s invaluable service.”

Dick van Damme
Managing Director, The Photography Institute Pty. Ltd.

Adam Rutledge 
Photographed in
Nashville, Tennessee

“Hey Mark!! Hope you are well! Was just going back through the shots from our shoot and continue to be blown away by them! Just love them. Working with you was one of the highlights of my career… Hope to do another shoot soon.
All the best and take care! Adam”

Mark is excited to be working with Co-Creator and Rock and Roll Hall of Famer Matt Sorum:


Purely a project fueled by passion

The ART of GIVING showcases the charitable causes championed by the world's most iconic artists.

"I’ve had the privilege of capturing moments with many musicians throughout my life and career, it’s my honor to be able to amplify awareness for the causes they support." MM

Mark also has the privilege of supporting the following causes with Gift Certificate donations for Photography Sessions and Limited Edition Prints

“I’m truly blessed to have the support and belief of my family and friends throughout my life and career as a portrait photographer. Being able to give back to honor them is what drives me.” MM

Photographed in
Los Angeles, California

“So happy with the photos we did. You truly captured me.”

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Eden targets:

• Alleviating extreme poverty by hiring local villagers to grow, plant and guard large-scale forests restoration sites
• Providing a consistent income to poverty stricken communities encouraging economic growth
• Restoring the environment through reforestation efforts, improving fisheries, agriculture and carbon sequestration

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