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El Mirage, CA

 Mark is based in LOS ANGELES and LOVES to shoot on location, ESPECIALLY in the CALIFORNIA desert.

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Photographed at El Mirage, California

System of Beliefs

I believe:

that life is what you make it

in the power of positive thinking and our ability to harness the power of Manifestation

in a strong work ethic

in the power of a plan and working that plan

we can learn something from everyone

in the power of kindness

it’s my purpose to create portraits that capture the unique essence I’m able to see in each person I photograph

everyone has an inner rock star, it’s just a matter of capturing it

I love to work with people that work hard and are willing to learn and implement what they learn to succeed. I mentored with one of the world’s most talented fashion photographers and artists. I watched him become one of the most successful artists of the modern era due to his hard work, perseverance and being able to think ahead. 

The Creative Experience

I’m often asked about my creative process, or how I come up with my creative vision for a shoot. My process is hard to put into words though. The best way to describe it I guess, would be that I work organically.

A lot of what I love about my work is meeting the Client, either beforehand or on the Session day. Almost immediately I’m able to sense an inner quality about them that would be best to present to the world, that encapsulates their unique value. I’m not sure how I’m able to do this, though it’s one of the most exciting aspects that makes me look forward to every shoot, and also ensures that each shoot is unique.

Also, I love shooting on location. A lot of my work that looks like it’s been shot in a studio is usually outdoors against a backdrop:


“Mark mixes natural lighting with interesting cultural aesthetics, playing with urban textures...”  

Larry Frazin
Owner Across the Universe Records

I really enjoy having an experience or adventure with my Clients, something unforgettable that we can share forever, and remember when we look back on the photos. Images to me, are about capturing a moment in time, and it seems fitting that the moment we choose to capture be worth remembering.


“Mark Maryanovich for your absolute brilliance in photography. Your eyes really are the gateway to your imaginative mind that sees what the average person, like myself, doesn’t. You make that happen on film. I can’t explain how much I admire your ability and what an experience we had in Vegas, Death Valley Junction and Furnace Creek in the heart of Death Valley. Surreal to say the least, like out of a movie and something we have that we can be reminded of in the pictures.”

 Aaron Pritchett
Photographed in
Death Valley, California

It also sometimes helps when Clients send me photos they like or are inspired by, either images of mine from my website, or ones they’ve found online. This can help ensure we’re all on the same page in terms of the looks we’re going for.

Also, sometimes really interesting things can happen when I know a little bit about your interests. For example, when researching country artist George Canyon for his album release, I discovered he’s an aviation buff and pilot. I took him to an air museum and he thoroughly enjoyed the day, being surrounded by vintage aircrafts. Our work ended up being nominated and winning a CCMA Award for Album Design of the Year.


George Canyon
Photographed in
Abbotsford, British Columbia

“A great job, as usual, lots of cool shots, I think the photos look great, thanks for everything. I really appreciate it. Best, Jonathan” 

Jonathan Simkin
Owner, 604 Records

While I like to start with a loose plan, I also like to stay open to what occurs naturally and in the moment on the shoot day. This way, each shoot truly becomes a one of a kind experience that I can tailor to each of my Clients.

My Clients generally find me very easy to work with, and I keep my directions simple and easy to follow. I’ll guide you in posing and make sure you look your best.

“Hi Mark! The pics look absolutely incredible!!! Thank you so much for coming out to the middle of nowhere and making me look awesome!! SUCH a pleasure working with you and I really hope we can do it again sometime! All the best!:)” 

Lindsay Broughton
Photographed in
Port Perry, Ontario

Other than that, I’m a big believer in trust and energy, and being open for a bit of an adventure. Maybe it’s these things that enable me to capture the intangible personal qualities I see.

Or maybe it’s the fact that I’ve been incredibly fortunate to work with so many phenomenal people throughout the years. Their honest goodness is undeniable and possibly can’t help but express itself in front of a lens. Maybe we just find ourselves in the right environment to capture it.

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Eden targets:

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