Location Branding Photography Case Study | Gatos Trail Ranch and Recording Studio

“Awesome, thank you so much! I'm looking at the photos now and obviously the hardest part is going to be picking the select images from all of these amazing ones! These look wonderful, mission accomplished!!! Thanks again for the amazing photos!”

Dan Joeright
Owner, Producer
Gatos Trail Ranch and Recording Studio

near the

A long time friend of mine introduced me to Dan Joeright a few years back. My friend was a member of Dan’s band Earth Moon Earth, and we spent a couple days out in the desert photographing Images for the album cover, artwork and promotional materials.

A few months later, Dan contacted me. The mission was this:

Subject: Airbnb & Studio photos

“I want to update my airbnb photos and maybe take some of the studio as well. Right now we airbnb the house occasionally but we plan to start airbnbing the trailers as well, currently all of the photos we have are pretty bad. I'm not sure if this type of thing is up your alley or not but thought I'd ask.

Here's what I'd need:
Photos of the house inside and out
(properly staged and lit, Zoe can help with that)

Photos of the trailers inside and out
Photos of the property//landscape
Photos of the studio
(properly staged and lit, I can help with that)

This would all be for use on airbnb's website. Let me know what you think.
Thanks, Dan”

I was immediately intrigued. To me, the idea of a recording studio set out in the desert with accommodations for the artists to band together (so to speak) while working on the music seemed like the perfect environment and creative space.

I also love shooting in the California desert and was more than happy to come out and see what we could do

I spent two days with Dan and his wife Zoe capturing all of the amazing assets their destination has to offer. 

 Artists themselves, they were incredibly hospitable hosts, even as they worked constantly to ensure that every detail of the main house, trailers, property, landscape and studio was perfect.

The ranch house was spacious, and every piece of furniture was hand picked and charming. 

The retro kitchen was colorful and fully stocked with everything you might need while spending some time in the desert.

The two vintage trailers are adorable. Dan and Zoe scoured the country to find them, and drove them back to the property themselves, and then set to work recreating the interiors 

with unbelievable style.

The recording studio is first class, and Dan’s love of music exudes from the thoughtful care put into the design of the space and equipment housed within.

Though more astounding than the amenities was the unbelievable attention to detail, heart and soul Dan and Zoe have put into this place. From angling a vintage canister on the outdoor wood bar, to arranging the dining table underneath the moonlight on the outdoor stage, to positioning the string of lights on one of the trailers, Dan and Zoe were tireless in their pursuit of perfection. It was beyond inspiring to see, and an honor to be a part of. 

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