LinkedIn recommends using your Profile to express your unique value.

4 Tips for a Professional LinkedIn Profile Picture

It’s about showcasing your individuality in a way that invites others to connect with you.

“Wow. Fantastic Mark! So happy to work with you and thank you, it was a joy. Folks are raving about my new photos! They are truly fantastic. talent agent also loved the shots and I believe these headshots will also help me get more auditions ~ yay!”

Dr. Miluna Fausch 
Executive Communication and Presence Coach
When your voice, presence & delivery must be positively World Class ★ Executive Coach

According to LinkedIn, the qualities of Profile pictures that stand out include: 

• Being the only person in the photo (if you’d like to include your team or coworkers, the banner image is a great place to do so)
• Presenting a photo that looks like you
• A friendly, likeable and trustworthy expression (all of which are crucial to getting prospects to engage with you)
• An in focus image
• An interesting background
• Good lighting
• Using a high resolution image; It’s always easiest to downsize from a large sized image. Upsizing from a low resolution or small sized image causes the resulting image to look pixelated and blurry

“Thank you very much Mark! The images are superb!  I will look to you in the future when I need photographs for sure!”

Robert Lindall
Product Manager, The Walt Disney Company 

Here are 4 more tips to ensure your Profile Photo
truly captures who you are:

1. Try to avoid getting a haircut or doing anything that radically changes your appearance just before the shoot, in case you’re not happy with it

2. Wear what you would wear to work, on the day of an important meeting or networking event. Generally, solid colors work best. Your face and eyes should be the most engaging things in the photo, and patterns or logos tend to distract a viewer’s gaze

3. Schedule your session so it happens in the morning, if possible. This way you’ll only have to get ready once during the day, and you can bring your best and freshest self to the shoot. If you’re not a morning person, schedule at a time that works best for you and your schedule 

4. Maximize the image space LinkedIn provides. Many members use the default setting for the banner image. Capitalizing on this Hero Image grabs people’s attention, and can be used to display your differentiating factors: your skills and interests both inside and outside of work that express your individuality

4b. While it’s great to highlight your skills and interests, save your vacation photos for Facebook and Instagram. A figure eclipsed by a recognizable monument or a face obscured by sunglasses and umbrella drink may not send the right message (it’s sort of a visual out of office reply :). Recruiters, clients and employers expect to see a Professional Headshot

“Hi Mark. Hope you're well. Just wanted to reach out to let you know how I got so many compliments over the last months on the corporate photos we took. It's really worked out well for me. Thanks so much again”

Lubna Salah
Marketing & Brand Consultant

When you book your Session, award-winning photographer Mark Maryanovich provides guidance on clothing and posing, and will reveal the one direction that brings out the best angle for a Professional Headshot.
 We also handle all aspects of sizing and resolution and are happy to answer any technical questions.

“Hi Mark, thanks for the photos, they are perfect on my profile sites. Thank you again and have a great day!”

Baroness Kata Kellényi
Art Producer, Business Owner

We look forward to the opportunity of working with you to capture the best LinkedIn Profile picture that encapsulates your unique value. 

“Mark is simultaneously talented, skilled, and professional. He's very easy to work with, and I am absolutely delighted with the resulting pictures. If you're in the SoCal area and looking for a photographer who can capture the essence of who you are for both personality and branding, I highly recommend seeking him out.”

Rachel S. Heslin
Helping leaders retain their integrity in a VUCA world

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