4 Tips for a Successful Professional Business Headshot

Corporate meets Creative Expertise

“Mark Maryanovich is a versatile, experienced, and gifted photographer. He has an eye for bringing out the very best of the person in front of him. His communication is solid and he gets down to business-no time to waste! I found him to be easy to work with and accommodating. Use Mark when you need world class photographs that will make you stand out.”

Miluna Fausch, Ph.D.
When your voice, presence & delivery must be positively World Class ★ Executive Coach 

At one point, professional headshots were reserved for top executives. With today’s online world, everyone has the opportunity to benefit from one.

A carefully crafted business portrait creates a sense of trust that’s hard to convey with text alone, and is often the first step in securing new prospects, potential clients, employees or employers.

Gone are the days of faceless corporations and executives. People today want and expect to see who they are considering dealing with. The best business headshots allow a potential client to look you clearly in the eye, and gives them a sense of your character and how you conduct business. 

According to Forbes, a 2012 report from eMarketer found that 82% of consumers trust a company more, and 77% are more likely to buy from a company if the founder uses social media.

Fast forward to today and we’ve become accustomed to seeing people’s faces online. Lack of an identifying photo sets off a subconscious signal of distrust. 

Having a professional headshot conveys professionalism. 

It lets prospective clients and employers know:

• You’re an established professional 
• You take your career and brand seriously, and make sure things are done properly, down to the detail
• You are in demand and have a need, and can afford professional Images
• You’re up to date with today’s trends
• You’re playing the game at the highest level

Here are 4 Tips to ensure your Professional Business Headshot Session is a Success:

1. Try to avoid getting a haircut or doing anything that radically changes your appearance just before the shoot, in case you’re not happy with it; Your Business Portrait should be timeless, and the best way to express this is through hairstyle, makeup and clothing

2. In terms of clothing, generally solid colors work best, no patterns or logos. Traditional business colors (black, dark blue and grey) work well for corporate headshots, as these tones really highlight the face, which should be the first thing someone sees in the photo

Keep in mind that fit is the most important thing. How clothes hang is more important than the actual garment

Dressing as you would for a Very Important Client meeting or meeting with your Boss is a good frame of reference

Not sure what to wear? Pls. read our Business Headshot FAQ.

3. Ideally, your business portrait showcases your personality and unique value proposition. This can be achieved through accessories and photo backdrops. A scarf/tie in a signature color, or a favorite jewelry piece can establish your brand; a background that suits your interests/uniqueness (such as a beach setting/textured wall, or prop such as a motorcycle, if that’s a large part of your life) can set the stage for what clients can expect when working with you, and establish common interests

 4. A subject that’s thinking loud always makes for a great photo. Think about what you want to express to potential clients, and these thoughts and ideas you have in mind will be communicated through the photo

“Hey Mark, Enjoyed the day. Thanks for making me look and feel like a rock star.”

Andrew Riseman PhD 
Centre for Sustainable Food Systems UBC

When you book your session, award-winning photographer Mark Maryanovich provides guidance on clothing and posing, and will reveal the one direction that brings out the best angle for a Professional Headshot.
We also handle all aspects of sizing and resolution and are happy to answer any technical questions.

We look forward to the opportunity of working with you to capture a great Professional Business Portrait, that encapsulates your unique value and competitive edge. 

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