EST. 1998



Nikki Paige

photographed in 

Santa Monica, CA

“I have worked with Mark Maryanovich on several artist photo shoots. He is one of the most talented photographers I have worked with in recent years. He is the rare caliber of photographer that can multi-purpose; from publicity shoots to full commercial artist album package shoots. His understanding of market imaging needs / marketing have made him an asset and “first stop” on my call list for image developers.”

Paul Orescan


Make Good Marketing & Management

The Filthy Souls

photographed in 

los angeles, CA

“I have had a long and notable career in the music business, as a manager, producer and label owner. I established my reputation in the 1990s, I created Trauma Records, and launched the careers of internationally acclaimed bands such as: No Doubt, Bush, The Flys and The Sick Puppies. I’ve mixed tracks for a range of top artists, including Miley Cyrus, Selena Gomez, Vanessa Hudgens and Demi Lovato. I can confidently say, Mark is one of the most exceptional photographers I have ever had the pleasure of working with, his exceptional eye, worth ethic and dedication to his craft is second to none.”

Paul Palmer


Drilldown Entertainment

Savannah Lynx

photographed in 

Beverly Hills, CA

“We have had the great fortune to have the talents of Mark Maryanovich on several of our artist photo shoots. His visionary, visceral ideas for each artist have been unique and artistic, with beautiful results. We’ve used his photography for our artist marketing campaigns, album art work, etc. He is a pleasure to work with, with a mild demeanor, and extremely professional with our artists. The result has been amazing photo shoots.”

Larry Frazin


Across the Universe Records

Terraplane Sun

photographed in 

los angeles, CA

“I have worked with Mark on several photo shoots with extraordinary results. In my 20+ years of music industry experience including Universal, Disney, EMI, Warner, etc. Mark’s work truly stands out for excellence in artistry, process and delivery. I am grateful to have him as a resource and look forward to future work.” 

Jim Martone


Suitable Group

Harpdog Brown

photographed in 

Nanaimo, BC

“AWESOME WORK as usual Mark! Wow … The outcome is well beyond expectations. Thank you. Your work, and your customer service, really is outstanding man! You are a true asset to our team. All the best.”

 Ken Simms


 ThinkTank Music Marketing


photographed in 

Vancouver, BC

“Mark Maryanovich is a brilliantly creative, focused and amicable professional artist. I have had the pleasure of working with him on various photography projects for clients including Limblifter, mono clothing, and Ryan Dahle. I have worked with him both behind and in front of the camera lens as a production coordinator and a photography subject. His attention to detail is astounding, as well as his deep focus upon meeting a client’s needs.” 

Megan Bradfield


All Things Bradfield

Ryan McMahon

photographed on 

 Westham Island, BC

“Having the right images can make all the difference. Mark Maryanovich enables your music to be communicated before being heard.”

Cathleen McMahon


 Mission Management Group

Blake Reid

photographed in 

 Drumheller, AB

“It was a pleasure finally meeting you this year as well. So thrilled with the photos you did for both Tristan and Blake. We’re excited to use more of them throughout the rest of their album cycles. I look forward to working with you again in the near future… Take care, Kathryn” 

Kathryn Hummel


Royalty Records

Carmen Townsend

photographed in 

Dartmouth, NS

“I hired Mark to work with one of my artists Carmen Townsend on a photo shoot and the results were top notch. The artist was happy, had a great time and we ended up with some of the best shots we have ever had.” 

Darren Gallop


Artist & Festival MGMT  Marcato Digital Solutions

Cassie and Maggie

photographed in 

Halifax, NS

“Hi Mark, you were so brilliant working with the girls and you made them so at ease. They loved working with you and I never saw so many great pictures from one shoot, they were the best ever. When you get back please let us know, you are a treasure.”

Anita MacDonald


(Cassie and Maggie’s Mom)

The Matinee

photographed in 

 Vancouver, BC

“Hey Mark! You were awesome, we had so much fun and it was great just getting to hang out for a few days, couldn't have gone any better. The backdrops...the looks... the outfits...the moments... we're really stoked on all of it so far. As you might know, our new album is soon to be released. We've worked our asses off this year in preparation for it, but we wouldn't be where we are without you and all your amazing imagery. Thanks once again for being amazing to us.”

Matt Layzell

Band Leader

the matinee

American Dreamer

photographed in 

Austin, TX

“Dear Mark, These pictures are fantastic. The band is ecstatic. Thank you. We've done a lot of different things lately and worked with a lot of people, and this is the first endeavor to exceed my expectations in a long, long time. We are definitely interested in working with you again and if you ever need an endorsement from a client, you can always contact us. Cheers, Sasha”

Sasha Klare-Ayvazian

band leader

American dreamer

Leslie Cours Mather

photographed in 

Lancaster, CA

 “These are outstanding Mark. I’ve never been happier with a photo shoot. Thank you. The location was beyond fabulous. The lighting…everything! Thanks again for coordinating such a great day yesterday! I loved the set-ups and the creative juice that was flowing. Amazing how it energized me, I honestly can’t say thank you enough. I have 300 favorites!! You should have been taking pictures of me going through this gallery!! Every time I clicked on a new photo I gasped, “Wow, that’s incredible!!” You have the most talented eye for telling a story with each and every photo. I am amazed by every mood and the amount of personality. All so different, and yet you managed to capture the real me. The colors are exquisite. These photos will serve so many purposes. Your gift for photography goes beyond anything I have experienced before—truly. There is something other-worldly about your work, and I just wanted you to know that. We are very blessed to have worked with you twice, and hope our relationship continues well into the future.”

COUNTRY music artist

Faith Numada Band

photographed in 

New Westminster, BC

“Hi Mark, It was wonderful working with you again. Always such a pleasure. Thank you for your patience, attentiveness, and sharing your talent with us today. It was a great day and we got so many good shots in. I am so pleased it went so well… Thank you for sending such a beautiful gallery of photos.  Wow, there are so many great shots to look at and I can't wait to show the band. We are fortunate to have been able to work with you and these shots will really help us with our promo materials. Thank you for how much care you put into the photoshoot. Faith”


band leader